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This tutorial will show, how to add custom vehicles to your server.

For this tutorial we will use Meteor by Vanillaworks-Team.

Suggested tools

  1. Open IV
  2. Codewalker
  3. Template for fast creating

Creating the resources

  1. Open dlc.rpf or any other *.rpf archive with one of suggested tools.
  2. You can drag and drop the files to extract the archive like below.
  3. Place all ytd, yft, ydd and other assets in one folder to load them all with one wildcard (you can split it in subfolders).[1]
  4. You also need to describe each meta file.[2]

Folder Structure

FolderStructure AddonVehicle.png


type: dlc,
main: stream.cfg,
client-files: [


files: [
meta: {
	stream/vehicles.meta: VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE
	stream/carvariations.meta: VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE
	stream/handling.meta: HANDLING_FILE
	stream/carcols.meta: CARCOLS_FILE
	stream/audio/sfx/dlc_meteor: AUDIO_WAVEPACK
	stream/audio/meteor_game.dat: AUDIO_GAMEDATA
	stream/audio/meteor_sounds.dat: AUDIO_SOUNDDATA
	stream/audio/meteor_amp.dat: AUDIO_SYNTHDATA

Final touch

Add the meteor to the resource list inside the server.cfg file.[3]

Resource names aren't case sensitive!


  1. Additional Data files can be found here, which may be needed for other mods.
  2. If you're interested of displaying the actual vehicle name. You can do so by adding an entry into the stream.cfg[4]
meta: {
gxt: {
	0x12345 : "vehicle name"

Sample file

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/8bdb9b4319493b298ae5a38631e253d478c79e58476ebd55a599dad3f6cb555c/detection

File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i09jha5h3gy8kt5/car_lowbike.zip/file


  1. The safe maximum size of a .ytd / ytf file is 16 MB.
  2. .meta files are XML files. It's required to not break the XML formatting, otherwise it will cause problems. They're easily openable with every texteditor around.
  3. meteor stands for the resource name which is represented by your folder name.
  4. 0x12345 stands for the JOAAT Hash of the gameNameEntry inside the vehicle.meta, replaced with the actual "vehicle name".