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This Tutorial will show you, how to stream interiorproxies.meta on your Server. For this tutorial we will use GTA IV Burgershot by Smallo. This Tutorial will answer the known "why are players invisible in my MLO" question.

Suggested tools

  1. Open IV
  2. Codewalker

Adding the MLO to the Server

Download the MLO from the link above and add it as a resource to your Server. You can find the tutorial for streaming MLO's here: Tutorial:Stream MLOs

Creating the Resource

  1. Open dlc.rpf or any other *.rpf archive with one of the suggested tools from the downloaded resource and search for a file with the ending: milo_.ymap
  2. Copy the filename up to milo_ to your clipboard.
  3. Create a resourcefolder with the following structure below.
  4. Create a interiorproxies.meta file inside the stream folder in your resourcefolder. You can see below at interiorproxies.meta how the file should look.

Folder Structure

|-> stream/
|    |-> interiorproxies.meta
|-> resource.cfg
\-> stream.cfg


type: dlc,
main: stream.cfg,

client-files: [


files: [

meta: {
  stream/interiorproxies.meta: INTERIOR_PROXY_ORDER_FILE


You can add every milo_ as a <Item> into proxies

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <startFrom value="2000"/>

Add the i-streamer (folder name is your resource name) for the server.cfg file.