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How to create an alt:V Server for Windows

Made by DNP

This tutorial shows you how to download the altv-server and how to install it.


  • Windows
  1. Create a Folder on your Desktop and call it "altv-server".
  2. Go to https://altv.mp/#/downloads and download the server for windows. Make sure to have all the options enabled
  3. Unpack the altv zip file and move all the files to your "altv-server" folder
  4. Go to your altv-server and to your adressbar and type in: "powershell" or "cmd"
    • Screenshot 2.png
    • Screenshot 3.png
  5. In your Powershell type: ./altv-server (while writing you can press tab to autofill the line)
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Short Reminder: This server set-up is recommended for javascript developers only. If you want to use C# aswell, please download net-core.

 Runtime: Only if you want to run resources only.
 SDK: If you want to develop them by yourself.

Netcore Link.png