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Setup alt:V server for Linux

You need to run alt:V server at least on Debian 10 or Ubuntu 18.04.

If you want use JavaScript for server-side you should install NodeJS firstly, same thing for C# .NET Core and .NET Core SDK If you want to develop them by yourself.


It is recommended to use altv-serverupdater to have easy downloaded server-files (and in future updated). Remember that you need to have installed dependencies on your linux for that updater (coreutils, wget, >=jq_1.4). However, you can also just download the serverfiles from our website and upload them manually to your server.

Running the alt:V-serverupdater:

apt-get install libc-bin #(debian only)
mkdir server && cd server
wget -O 'update.sh' 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Lhoerion/altv-serverupdater/master/update.sh'
chmod +x ./update.sh
chmod +x ./altv-server

Creating a config file

Make a new file in server root folder named server.cfg and paste this:

name: 'alt:V Server'
port: 7788
players: 128
#password: ultra-password
announce: false
#token: YOUR_TOKEN
gamemode: Freeroam
website: example.com
language: en
description: 'alt:V Sample Server'
modules: [ js-module ]
resources: [

Starting a server

Now you have all server files that you need. Let's try to start server with start.sh


If you get error about libatomic library just install it via your linux package manager.

apt-get update
apt-get install libatomic1

Done. :)

Running alt:V server as a systemd.service

It is possible to run the alt:V server as a systemd.service. This gives you the following advantages:

  • You can make the server automatically restart when it crashes
  • You can easily start/stop it with simple commands, without navigating to the server directory
  • You can add the alt:V server to the autostart

Adding the service

Create the file /lib/systemd/system/altv.service with any editor of your choice. In this example we're using nano.

nano /lib/systemd/system/altv.service

Paste the following snippet inside this file and modify it to your needs. Make sure to change the paths and user/group, otherwise it won't work.

Description=alt:V Server
ExecStop=kill -15 $MAINPID

Now save the file and enable the service with

systemctl enable altv.service

Congratz! The service has been successfully added. alt:V will now automatically boot with your server and restarts, if it crashes. You also now have access to the following commands:

service altv start # start the server
service altv stop # stop the server
service altv status # get the current status of your server with console output
service altv restart # restart the server

Keep in mind to never run applications as root user, as this might be a security risk.