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CDN (Content delivery Network) is a function to speedup the download of the ressources for connecting users and to relive the server. The CDN can be provided with any filehosting server that supports HTTP/HTTPS.

It's working as followed: The client connects to the CDN Server, which provides the resource files for the client. After the download is complete, the client connects to the alt:V Server.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Example values

In this tutorial following example values are used:

Key Value Description
cdnUrl http://connect.example.com The url to the cdn server.
Server IP The IP address of the alt:V server.
Server Port 7788 The Port of the alt:V server.

Step-by-Step Example

  1. Add useCdn: true to server.cfg.
  2. Add cdnUrl: "http://connect.example.com" to server.cfg.
  3. Start you server with params --host --port 7788 --justpack
  4. Add all generated files from the folder cdn_upload to your CDN Server, the files should be placed in the root of the domain. (You should be abble to access connect.json under http://connect.example.com/connect.json).
  5. For direct connect use your cdnUrl connect.example.com