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What should you buy?

When working with alt:V it's hard to determine what kind of server you should be expected to purchase when running a server.

Below are some general specifications with average player counts to help you determine what kind and type of server you need.

Interesting Facts

These are facts and similarities seen across all servers.

  • The average mid-tier server utilizes 6-42% of their CPU. This is based on players and other factors.
  • The average mid-tier server has a player count of roughly 300-600 players at peak hours.
  • The average mid-tier server has RAM usage less than 1.25GB.
  • The average mid-tier server has around 8 cores.
  • The average mid-tier server is clocked at 3.7ghz

Minimum Server Specification

Based on these statistics one could assume the minimum specifications for a performant server above 100 players.

  • CPU 3.2ghz
  • 4 Cores
  • 4 GB of RAM (Additional for Databases, etc.)
  • Disk Space (Depends on Database and Script)

This will always be subject to change based on upcoming features or performance changes.