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Server Config

Key Type Default Value Description
name string (max. 64 chars) New alt:V server Display name of the server
host string (IPv4 or IPv6) Binding address of the server
port number (0 - 65535) 7788 Port of the server
players number (1 - 4095) 10 Amount of players that can join the server concurrently
password string no-password Password required to connect to the server
announce boolean (true/false) false Announce server to public masterlist? You need a masterlist token to announce your server!
token string no-token Ask @Master-Bot#3667 for masterlist token
gamemode string (max. 20 chars) 'unknown' Gamemode displayed in the masterlist
website string (max. 64 chars) '' Website displayed in the masterlist
language string (max. 20 chars) 'English' Language displayed in the masterlist, the server is using language codes according to ISO 639-1.
description string (max. 140 chars) 'No description provided' Description displayed in the masterlist
debug boolean (true/false) false Activate some functions like reconnect
streamingDistance number - The distance on which server entities will stream in for connected players
migrationDistance number 150 (>100 recommended) The distance on which car owning will be transferred to player
timeout number 1 The timeout multiplier, how long it takes until a player timeouts from server (can't be lower than 1)
modules string array [] Modules that are started with the server ("node-module", "csharp-module")
resources string array [] Resources that are started with the server
voice Voice Config Object {} Object to configure the voice system
tags string array [] Allows to add up to four custom tags to the Masterlist entry. The tags CDN, EarlyAuth, Voice are assigned automatically and they aren't added to the custom tag count.
useEarlyAuth boolean (true/false) false Opens an external Login Page, where you can whitelist the IP of the user in the firewall of the alt:V server.
earlyAuthUrl string The url and port of the external login page (eg NOTE: You should use https
useCdn boolean (true/false) false Loads the ressource from an external site instead of the gameserver.
cdnUrl string The url and port of the cdn (eg

Voice Config

Key Type Default Value Description
bitrate number 64000 Bitrate of the voice server
externalSecret string Secret of the external voice server
externalHost string localhost Binding address of the external voice server
externalPort number 7798 Port of the external voice server
externalPublicHost string Public binding address of the external voice server (Enter the public ip address of your server)
externalPublicPort number 7799 Public port of the external voice server

Example server.cfg

name: "TestServer",
host: "",
port: 7788,
players: 1024,
#password: "verysecurepassword", # remove hashtag before password to enable
announce: false, # set to false during development
#token: no-token, # only needed when announce: true
gamemode: "Freeroam",
website: "",
language: "en",
description: "test",
debug: false, # set to true during development
useEarlyAuth: true,
earlyAuthUrl: '',
useCdn: true,
cdnUrl: '',
modules: [
resources: [
tags: [ 
voice: {
  bitrate: 64000
  #externalSecret: 3499211612
  externalHost: localhost
  externalPort: 7798
  externalPublicPort: 7799