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Client Config

Key Type Default Value Description
name string alt:V nickname Display name on a server
branch string release The branch on which the client will work
build number 789 Client will use this build of the declared branch (autogenerated by client normally)
debug boolean (true/false) false Activate some functions like debug-console (F8)
gtapath string - Path to your GTA5 directory
ignoreLowPriorityProps boolean (true/false) false Flag to avoid loading of not needed props
lang string en Language of your client
lastip string (IPv4) The last server you played on
netgraph boolean (true/false) false Shows a netgraph on the bottom left
streamerMode boolean (true/false) false Enable/Disable streamer mode

Example altv.cfg

branch: 'release'
debug: 'false'
gtapath: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V'
ignoreLowPriorityProps: 'false'
lang: 'en'
lastip: ''
name: 'exampleName'
netgraph: 'true'
streamerMode: 'false'