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Some information about Trains and there structure in GTA V. Entries marked with ??? are guessed and not tested.

trains{COUNT}.dat Structure

These files represent a track and Behavior of it nodes.

Line Data
Others {X} {Y} {Z} {NodeType}\n

Train Node Types

A Node describes different behaviour on the tracks.

NodeType Description
0 Normal Node
1 Train Stop
2 ??? Something for Missions
3 unused
4 Tunnel
5 Train Stop in Tunnel

traintracks.xml Structure

Description and Behavior of trains for a track (trains{COUNT}.dat files)

Key Description
filename Name and Path to the trains{COUNT}.dat file
trainConfigName Train config group specified in trains.xml
isPingPongTrack ??? Train switches direction if end of track is reached (Always false in default config)
stopsAtStations If trains stop at Train Stop Nodes
MPstopsAtStations ??? If train stops in Multiplayer, when stopsAtStations is true (Always true in default config)
speed The Cruise Speed of the train
breakingDist The Distance the train is needing to break until it stops

trains.xml Structure

Description of train sets.

Key subkey of Description
train_config_group Name of the train group
train_config_ref train_config_group Subcategory which is the name of the train_config (at least 1 per train_config_group)
train_config Configuration of a train and its carriage.
populate_train_dist train_config
announce_stations train_config Enables/Disable the Announcment of the next Station
doors_beep train_config Enable/Disable Door Beeping on closing
carriages_hang train_config
link_tracks_with_adjacent_stations train_config
carriage_gap train_config Distance between this engine/carriage and the next one
carriage train_config Description for each carriage
model_name carriage Model Name of the engine/carriage
max_peds_per_carriage carriage How many Peds spawn in the engine/carriage
flip_model_dir carriage Rotate the Model by 180°
do_interior_lights carriage Enable/Disable interior lights
carriage_vert_offset carriage How high the engine/carriage is above the tracks
repeat_count carriage How often this Carriage Configuration is added to the train